I’m a New Zealand man in his 40s, originally from Auckland, but presently living in Christchurch, NZs second biggest city.  I am deeply concerned about the world’s environmental degradation, and want to address ways we can improve our performance.  At bottom I believe our psyches or world views are what most need to change, if we are to stop heading towards self destruction.  For this to change, in my view, radical self honesty is needed, and more faith in God.  Also more humility.   Only if we begin to see through the illusion that mass consumerism has created, that we take refuge in psychologically, can we have the hope and means to change for the good.  Only if we come to believe that more is not necessarily better, that small can be beautiful, and that inner peace matters far more than material acquisition will we be able to escape this dreamworld we seem to be collectively trapped in!

I used to be a Buddhist, but came to believe in a personal God, and became a Christian.  The wisdom and deep love of the saints is what I aspire to.   I have been influenced by David Attenborough, the environmental writings of David Suzuki, Dr Seuss, Noam Chomsky, the love of nature in Lord of the Rings, and the natural beauty of New Zealand/Aotearoa.  I believe the native people of New Zealand, the Maori have a feel and love of the land that pakeha kiwis could learn from.

I am a vegetarian and eat mostly organic food; these lifestyle choices help the world.


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